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Serial Entrepreneur → VC | 0 to 1 Mentor, Startup Advisor | 24 yrs in tech, 3 exits

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Alex Samson

I have built 100+ MVPs, driven sales in 10 startup, and secured 3 exits. With over 24 years of experience, my tech DNA spans from the internet of the '90s to emerging tech such as Web3 and AI. I have led a startup development company, building a remote team of 50 engineers and achieving $1m in revenue. Currently based in Bali discovering SE Asia and Pacific while having strong connections worldwide.

I'm a serial tech entrepreneur pivoting to venture capital. As a top 10% alumnus of VC Lab's Venture Institute cohort 2, I'm currently gaining apprentice experience in an emerging VC firm operating across Australia, Singapore, and Malaysia. My investment interests lie in computer vision AI and Investment Tech.

I'm passionate about mentoring idea and early-stage founders, which I do on a volunteer basis in accelerators and on a fee basis in private sessions. I'm open to advisory and consulting roles at any stage and am also seeking opportunities to co-lead an accelerator program.

I manage a small top-level R&D team serving clients in the Web3, Agritech, and Sports Tech industries and am open to discussing new projects.

1x 🌍 immigrant, 2x 👨‍👧‍👦 father, 2x 💍 husband

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