LP Engagement Activities

Tracking Limited Partners (LP) engagement activities is crucial for fundraising, identifying how to find relevant LPs, and measuring lead generation and warming-up activities.

Engagement with potential Limited Partners (LPs) or connectors is key in LP fundraising. Interactions can range from reading simple comments to sharing unique experiences.

Tracking these interactions helps identify which efforts generate new leads, warming up, and converting LPs to prospects.

Experimenting with different LP segments and activity scenarios identifies the best engagement strategies.

  • Private Calls and Meetings: Engaging directly with contacts through discussions on co-investment, deal sharing, hiring, due diligence (DD), and investment opportunities. This includes quick intros, asking for references, insights, feedback, and updating listings in databases.

  • Email Outreach: Communication through newsletters, requests for information or feedback, invitations to calls, meetings, or events, announcements, updates, and investment offers.

  • Offline/Online Events: Networking opportunities, including random networking, group meetings, one-on-one meetings at events, event invitations, and public talks.

  • Social Media and Online Communities/Groups: Engaging contacts through posts, comments, and direct messages (DMs) across various platforms.

  • Publications: Sharing knowledge and updates through funding press releases, interviews, industry insights, and podcasts.

  • SEO and Advertising: Leveraging search engine optimization and targeted advertisements to attract and engage potential LPs.

Keep in mind the general solicitation rule, which limits available options for activities. Ads can promote an event, not the opportunity to invest.

Read for details VC Lab: What VCs need to know about General Solicitation in 2024.

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