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Due to summer travel plans, I'm not available for intro calls until August.

Please secure a slot in advance.

There are two options available for scheduling a call to ensure we make the most of our time:

  1. Introductory Calls or Quick Questions: These are ideal for brief discussions without a set agenda or for addressing a single question and are best suited for a 15-minute slot.

  2. In-depth Discussions: If we have previously agreed upon or if you're certain that we'll require more time, please book a 30-minute call.

For discussions that require an hour, kindly request a private link for a 60-minute session.

Make sure to select your timezone in the Calendly widget, which will automatically align with my schedule. My default timezone is UTC+8 (Asia/Singapore). If you're located in America or elsewhere with a significant time difference, do reach out to find a mutually convenient time. I am willing to accommodate early or late calls by prior arrangement.

Should you need to cancel or reschedule? Please use the link provided in the calendar event or the email notification. A no-show without prior notice will be taken as an indication that we have chosen to part ways.

Book a Quick 15-Minute Call

If the widget fails, please use the direct link to schedule.

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If the widget fails, please use the direct link to schedule.

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